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International Jobs

Choosing to work abroad is an exciting and life changing decision, offering the opportunity to live in some of the world’s most unusual and fascinating locations. Whether this is your first international appointment or your next International school, SCJ Consulting can offer expert advice and knowledge on living and teaching abroad as well vacancies from some of the world’s leading International Schools.

The locations that SCJ Consulting recruits for include:

The Middle East
The Far East and Asia
South America

Living and working abroad is different to the UK so when making your decision about where to go you need to consider differences such as culture, traditions, religion, expectations and general way of life. Also consider what kind of lifestyle you currently lead, do you enjoy the big city or perhaps you prefer living a slower pace by the beach or mountains is more your way of life. One of the most exciting aspects of teaching internationally is the endless possibilities in regards to where you can go and live and teach for the next few years of your life. Teaching internationally can be marvellous vehicle for you to travel the world developing your career and life experience.

The various packages will vary depending on school and location, however packages could include:

1-2 year contracts
Return flights
Good Salaries (in The Middle East this is tax free)
Accommodation or Accommodation allowances
Medical cover or allowance
Relocation allowances

SCJ are committed to helping you find a position that will bring out the best in you as a teacher, matching your knowledge, experience and personality to the right role and in the most suitable International school.

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Working overseas can be a challenging, life-changing and highly rewarding experience. At the same time, you may naturally be apprehensive about embarking on a new direction in another country.

The SCJ application and interview process has been designed to ensure you are completely prepared, and have the time and resources you need to begin what may be one of the most exciting journeys of your life.

We expect excellence, passion, integrity and professionalism.  In return, you can expect:

  • The opportunity to work with some of the world’s most prestigious International Schools
  • Guidance, support and advice right from the registration process to the completion of a contract
  • Industry knowledge and consultants who have first-hand knowledge of living and working internationally
  • The potential for new opportunities with us at the end of your contract
  • A highly competitive package, often including accommodation, flights, transport & tax free salaries

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Service offered to International Schools:

SCJ Consulting offer a professional service, which includes bespoke recruitment, tailored to meet the requirements of each International school. We are qualified to offer advice and support with over seven years of specialist education recruitment experience.  We understand that International Schools need an agency that offers a flexible approach to recruitment with hours of work that suit all International schools. Therefore, we are available every day via telephone, email and Skype.

We have a preference to work with Schools on a partnership basis and to establish and develop good business relationships. Our service covers large campaign work as well as individual recruitment needs. We offer access to a wider talent pool via a variety of social media and multi-media platforms. Our teachers are hand selected and recruited for schools to ensure quality and success.

For more information please call Lisa Bavidge +44 (0) 788 5405 192 or email

International Jobs

SCJ Consulting is constantly listing new job vacancies for both primary and secondary teaching within International schools all over the world. Please read our full list of vacancies advertised on our JOBS page.

To apply for a job, please:

  • Email your CV
  • Cover letter
  • Recent photograph of yourself
  • If we register you, copies of your qualifications, passport, CRB and or International police checks will also be requested
  • If you would like to talk to us about living and teaching abroad then please call Lisa Bavidge on +44 7885405192

Case Studies

Case Study of a Primary Teacher based in the Middle East, teaching at a

 large Private School 3 – 18



Why did you decide to teach abroad?


I have always wanted to live and work abroad and being a teacher gave me the perfect opportunity to do this.  I always wanted to experience a different way of life and see a bit more of the world.

It was an opportunity to start a new life and make preparations for the future.


What has been your experience been so far of teaching abroad?


I am currently in my second year of teaching abroad and so far the positives far outweigh the negatives.  I have really enjoyed the challenge of working in a different environment and have been lucky to find a school with such a good community.  Settling in was made easy by the support networks organised and provided by the school.  Working at a school and within a compound means that the community lives and dies by the effort made by those living and working there and what is provided by the school/business.  It is great working in a hit environment and never having to face those dark winter mornings and early evenings.


How have you found settling into a new country, new home, new school etc. (i.e. cultural differences in terms of teaching and living)? Any advice you can give


International Schools are different creatures from schools in the UK - the curriculum can be different, and practices may not be quite as up to date as the school you left in the UK.  This can be a bit frustrating at times, but can also be a positive as it usually means you can bring some new ideas with you that the School will hopefully be very interested in.


What did you do in your weekends / spare time?


Weekends are usually spent relaxing by the beach or playing sport.  Just having a large amount of spare time is something that many teachers do not have in the UK, and also having a disposable income means that there is more opportunity to go away at weekends, and more importantly during half and end of terms.  When staying at home there are plenty of things to do, providing you get out and do it. 


What advice would you offer new teachers about to start an international teaching post?


Before accepting a job it is essential to do your research on the country and school you are going to. This may sound obvious but the more background information you collect the better prepared you will be.   Also make contact with people at the School and ask every possible question you can think of, even the blatantly obvious, again to give you as good a picture as possible.  Hopefully by combining the info from within and outside the school you should have a fair idea of what you are letting yourself in for - particularly important if you are working for a private school which is very different from state run UK schools.

Working abroad isn't for everyone - being away from friends and family for a large part of the year and being away from some of the creatures comforts you have come to expect is too much for some.  If this is going to be difficult plan in advance when you will going back and when people will come and see you - having something to look forward to can really help.


  • I have worked with Lisa for several years and my continuous return to her services are due to her efficiency, thorough screening and moral compass towards both employer and employee. She has always kept me up-dated at every stage of the recruitment process. She is always friendly, professional and open for business at all hours. Nothing is ever too much trouble.

    Margaret Mcarthur
    Principal , English School for Girls, Kuwait

  • Very Positive! Lisa was always helpful and obliging. Also she found me the exact job that I wanted in the location that I had hoped for

    Catherine Bishop

  • I have always been very impressed with the quality of service I have received from SCJ Consulting. They are reliable, efficient, and professional and personable. This alone sets them out from much of their competition

    A Hurley
    Maths teacher

  • I was introduced to Lisa Bavidge after simply making a phone call in regards to a job advertisement, I have received outstanding service from that very first call. I wasnt sure about working in the UK or Internationally so I was pleased to learn that SCJ Consulting have jobs locally and abroad. I knew I could count on Lisa to get back to me when she said she would, and to have the courtesy to call with regular updates, even when there was no new developments. I am convinced that personalising customer service in the recruitment industry is definitely the way forward and that Lisa has certainly mastered the art.

    Edith Chandler

  • The service received at SCJ Consulting has been very good. I have secured teaching jobs at two international schools over the past few years and am very appreciative for the assistance to get employment. Lisa really listened to me and offered me jobs in locations that I was really interested in.

    Fran Thackwell

  • Fast and efficient friendly service without unnecessary time wasting. Lisa at SCJ Consulting works quickly, and efficiently gets on with what I have asked her for and sends me good quality candidates. I have been extremely impressed with the work that Lisa has carried out for us, its a pleasure working with her.

    Elizabeth Hern

  • I have always been very pleased with the friendly and efficient service tailored to meet our individual requirements particularly from Lisa Bavidge at SCJ Consulting.

    Head Teacher , British International School

  • The level of service from Lisa at SCJ Consulting has been excellent. We have a number of agencies we use and SCJ Consulting have by far the highest success rate in placing candidates with us. We now always give first refusal to SCJ Consulting as they have taken the time to really understand our specific requirements and only provide us candidates of the highest calibre, all of whom have added significant value to our school. I highly recommend them

    Head Teacher , UAE

  • Lisa has always supplied us with skilled and personable teachers who fit in well to the culture of our school and fully meet our requirements

    Ian Brookes
    Head Teacher



Formed in 1982, British Schools in the Middle East (BSME) provides a quality-assured network of schools helping Heads and Teachers share best practice and keep abreast of the latest educational developments. BSME runs its own Accreditation System, Annual Headteachers' Conferences, Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme of over 100 courses per year and a range of inter school sports, music, arts and other events.


FOBISSEA is a membership association of British International Schools of quality in the South East Asia and East Asian region. The schools in the Federation work together to provide a range of combined events for their students; professional development opportunities for their teachers; and collaboration on a range of matters that support the provision of a British-styled education in the region.